askmentor- What we set out to do?

askmentor is built as a platform to facilitate networking between mentors and mentees. It is a professional social network matching entrepreneurs to the advice and resources to increase the odds of success. We believe mentorship is a key ingredient in the path towards success in one’s personal and professional lives. askmentor is here to make you and your dreams visible…


Mentors - Want to pay it forward?

We encourage experienced professionals and practitioners to join our team of mentors. Experience, knowledge and a willingness to teach are essential to ensuring our mentees get the assist they need to increase the likelihood of success. Click here to join now or scroll down to find out about what you need to join us.

Mentees - Find partners on your journey to success

Our mentees fall into two categories (i) wantapreneurs (those who are still thinking about it) and (ii) entrepreneurs (those standing on the shores watching their boats burn) Wherever you are on your journey, askmentor wants to be there to offer you the advice and the resources that you need to succeed from thought to IPO.


askmentor - How it works?

Since you’re already here looking for help, at askmentor we want to make as easy as possible to meet and interact with y our mentor(s). So here goes:

  • If you are a mentee, connect by your personal or professional social media account, or company website. This will provide the mentor some details about your company or you as a person.
  • If you are a mentor, connect using your Linkedin or company account. Your mentees are going to want to know a little but about you before reaching out.
  • Once you sign up, either post your question on the Ask A Mentor board or send a query to a Mentor by email.
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