After the crazing run-up of the Bitcoin on global exchanges – this cryptocurrency does not need an introduction.

By now many of you would know that Bitcoin has been built on the underlying technology called Blockchain. To put it simply

If blockchain is the internet Bitcoin is our email service.

However, there are terminologies and concepts around bitcoin that can mislead.

Take for example cryptocurrency mining

what does it actually mean?

And Who are bitcoin miners?

Can you and me mine cryptocurrency?

These are some of the concepts that need to be highlighted –


I deceived to dig a little deeper into the Bitcoin world and make sense of its terminologies

This week I have two guests who have spent sizeable amount time understand this emerging technology.

My first guest is Devi Prasad Choudary a Blockchain futurist – who is following the new technology

My second guest is Dharmendra Khanna, who trades in cryptocurrency for research purpose.

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