“Abhi To Film Baki Hai Mere Yaar!,” Tarun, a flamboyant budding entrepreneur, had posted this Bollywood quote on his Facebook page after his food-tech startup received “fantastic response” from cinemagoers in Hyderabad theatres.

This food-tech was “enhancing moviegoers experience” by taking orders for drinks and snacks, over its mobile app, and delivering them at customers’ seats while they enjoyed a movie. On the day of its launch, DineSmart serviced “over 300 orders at the Asian Cinema multiplex in Hyderabad.”

Within a week of its launch, DineSmart saw revenues grow with each passing day. 

The startup was addressing “a major pain point experienced by all moviegoers –how to get their favourite drinks and snacks while watching a movie”, says Tarun Aellaboina founder and CEO of DineSmart.

In the following six weeks, DineSmart’s revenues were touching nearly four lakhs though it was still not making a profit.

However, given initial traction, wherein DineSmart registered 3000 customers with 40 percent retention, Tarun was confident that his startup was on track to create a unique user experience that he could expand to other industries such as hotels and restaurants.

At around the same time, on the other side of the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad; Rahul a 1st-year IIIT student along with his six engineering classmates was busy rolling a signature style sandwich startup called ‘Wich Please’

In a short time, the freshly toasted sandwiches with unique flavours were being served at most startup events within the twin city.

In less than two years, since its launch in 2013, the startup went on to open four outlets.

‘Wich Please’ started clocking up sales to the tune of eight to ten lakhs per month with a “decent double-digit margin.”

The start-up had a potential to grow at 10X, says Rahul Sachdev, Founder and CEO of Wich Please.


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